Post Tsunami Resettlement Programme

Address: Uddakandahara, Yodakandiya, Tissamaharama, Sri Lanka
Client: Pinsara Federation of Community Development Councils

A tsunami reconstruction project funded by Architecture For Humanity (a not for profit organisation) and implemented jointly by Susi Wellings for AFH and UN Habitat. The project saw the design and construction of buildings and facilities at the heart of a new village for people affected by the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004. Comprising a Community Centre, a Pre-School, a Library & Medical Centre as well as a Cricket Pitch and a Volley Ball Court. The project was carried out through a Community Contract System whereby all funding collected by AFH from private donations for tsunami relief was given directly to the beneficiary community. A social programme was implemented by the UN that mobilised the Community into making decisions about their own rehabilitation. Through the formation of a democratically elected representative council the Community was empowered to decide how the money raised on their behalf was spent. In this way the beneficiary community became the Client, and set the initial brief for the community facilities and who participated fully in the design development process in collaboration with the AFH Country Representative and Architect. The Community determined to appoint a Commercial Contractor to undertake the Construction works but when that Contractor reneged on his obligations approximately one-quarter of the way through, the Community took over all site operations and completed the works themselves. Practical training workshops were organised to enhance and expand the existing skill set in the locality.